Wireless Service Details

  • Devices on your network are dynamically assigned private IP addresses using NAT to a dynamic IP address. Routable public IP addresses are available at an additional monthly fee of $9 per public IP with a maximum of 5 public IP addresses per active account.
  • Power  and Pro Service Plans peak burst speeds are not available in all areas, depending on equipment on client premise and/or tower and whether you have clear line of sight.
  • There are NO usage caps or overage hidden fees and NO rate limiting on any Data, Video or Voice traffic.
  • Next-Level Technology Partners understands needs change and Service Levels may be change throughout the term of the contact with no penalties. New monthly rate will apply at time of Service level change.
  • Bandwidth speeds posted are based on internal service policy. Actual speeds may vary with internet

           traffic and individual computer or server settings.

  • Use of this service requires acceptance of Next-Level Technology Partners’ Acceptable Use Policy.


Equipment remains the property of Next-Level Technology Partners. Next-Level Technology Partners

may be required to have a valid credit card on file or a refundable security deposit. Equipment must be

returned in working order within 10 days of service termination. Professional equipment removal is

available for a fee of $150.00.

Free use of the following customer-end equipment is included:

  • Motorola Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Subscriber Module (11.75"H X 3.4"W X 1.1"D) 
  • Power Injector
  • Ethernet Surge Suppressor
  • Two Ethernet Cables up to 25 feet in total length included. Additional charge per foot up to 328’ max run length.
  • The equipment terminates into a standard 10/100/1000 Mbps Category 5e Ethernet connector that plugs into your Ethernet  

          firewall, hub, switch or computer’s network interface card.


  • Installation of the equipment will be done by one of our professional installers for a one-time fee based on Residential or Business service type. Alternative wiring solutions, custom wall jacks, etc. are also available for an additional charge.
  • Always-On Wireless Internet
  • Wireless Broadband Service uses high-frequency radio technology to transmit and receive data to and from your home or business. There's no telephone line and no dialing; you're always connected. A small radio transceiver is mounted on your home or office building that establishes the connection with one of our broadcast locations.
  • A network cable is run from the radio transceiver to a small power injector in your home or office. You simply plug the network connector on the power injector into your computer's network interface card and you're on the air. You can even connect your entire home or office network to the Internet using the same radio transceiver.